“SBFC Finance Share Price Surges on Dalal Street Debut – Analysis for Investors The SBFC Finance share price has demonstrated a strong performance post its debut on Dalal Street, leading to discussions about potential investment strategies. As a potential investor, you might be wondering whether to buy, sell, or hold SBFC Finance shares. Let’s delve into the details.


SBFC Finance Share Price Performance on Debut Upon its debut on the BSE, SBFC Finance share price started at ₹81.99 per share, offering a notable listing premium of around 44% to its allottees. On the NSE, the share opened at ₹82 per share.

However, the excitement didn’t stop there. SBFC Finance shares continued to rise, reaching an intraday high of ₹93.26 on BSE and ₹93.70 on NSE.

Future Outlook for SBFC Finance Share Price Market experts have expressed optimism about the future trajectory of SBFC Finance share price, with expectations of it ascending to ₹105 per share.

Investors who were allotted these shares are recommended to retain them to maximize their listing premium. It’s advised to maintain a stop loss at ₹80 per share for risk management purposes.

For those considering a fresh entry into SBFC Finance shares, analysts suggest that only high-risk traders should consider buying at the current levels, targeting ₹105 per share.

Setting a stop loss at ₹87 per share is recommended to mitigate potential losses.

Expert Insights on SBFC Finance Anubhuti Mishra, an Equity Research Analyst at Swastika Investmart, highlights SBFC Finance as a rapidly expanding non-banking financial company (NBFC) with strong earnings growth and stable asset quality.

It’s important to note that the company’s performance can be influenced by interest rates and market cycles. While aggressive investors might hold onto their shares for the long term, caution is advised.

Vaibhav Kaushik, a Research Analyst at GCL Broking, echoes the sentiment that SBFC Finance share price could potentially reach triple digits due to a trend reversal on Dalal Street.

He advises existing SBFC Finance shareholders to continue holding for a near-term target of ₹105. To manage risk, maintaining a strict stop loss at ₹80 per share is recommended.

For Those Who Missed the Allotment If you missed out on the SBFC Finance shares during the allotment process, Vaibhav Kaushik of GCL Broking suggests that only high-risk traders and investors consider purchasing at current levels, while setting a stop loss at ₹87 per share. Their short-term target would be ₹105.

In Conclusion The recent performance of SBFC Finance share price has generated interest and discussions among investors. The company’s promising growth, stable asset quality, and potential future gains make it an attractive prospect.

As with any investment decision, it’s important to weigh the potential rewards against the risks, and consider expert insights to make informed choices.”

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