Today’s big news on EMI: Anticipating EMI Relief: RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das Set to Unveil Monetary Policy

news on EMI: As the clock strikes 10 am today, all eyes will be on Governor Shaktikanta Das as he steps up to announce the Reserve Bank’s (RBI) bi-monthly monetary policy review. The burning questions on everyone’s minds: Will there be a break in the relentless inflation? What pace is the country’s growth rate, symbolized by the ‘Vandebharat’ Express (GDP)? Can we expect Sensex to breach the 70,000 mark and Nifty to touch 21,000?

Today's big news on EMI
Today’s big news on EMI: Shaktikanta Das

For those emerging from offices on Dalal Street, Mint Street, Mumbai, the news at 10 am will either bring smiles or furrowed brows.

It’s been nearly a year since the interest rate hike session took a pause, and the indicators suggest that it might remain stable. The inflation rate has aligned with the Reserve Bank’s limits, and favorable levels of crude oil prices and economic growth further strengthen the country’s economic outlook.

With this backdrop, there is optimism about a potential reduction in interest rates. The burning question remains: Will Governor Shaktikanta Das provide a roadmap for future interest rate cuts today? Market experts speculate that such an announcement could propel Nifty beyond the 21,000 mark and push Sensex back over the 70,000 threshold.

Conversely, if the Reserve Bank signals a need for more time before deciding on loosening the credit policy, a temporary halt in the market’s upward trajectory could occur. This could also trigger a significant decline in the share prices of banking and real estate sectors, which have experienced rapid growth in recent times. For small investors, it’s advisable to consider making decisions only when the market’s direction becomes clear.

In summary, the upcoming announcement by Governor Shaktikanta Das holds the key to potential EMI relief, impacting various sectors and influencing investment decisions. Stay tuned at 10 am for the latest developments in the monetary policy landscape.

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