NCL Industries Reports Impressive Growth in Production and Sales, Stock Price Soars 3%


NCL Industries, a key player in the construction materials industry, recently announced some impressive numbers that have sent its share price surging. The company’s latest data reveals significant growth in production and dispatches across various product lines, painting a promising picture for investors. In this article, we’ll break down the latest figures and explore why NCL Industries is making waves in the market.

NCL Industries
NCL Industries

NCL Industries’ Robust Performance:

Industries has reason to celebrate as they witnessed a 12% surge in cement board production, reaching 21,509 metric tonnes. In tandem, cement board dispatches saw a healthy 9% increase, totaling 20,239 metric tonnes. This spike in production and dispatches has undoubtedly played a significant role in the recent upswing of NCL Industries’ share price.

Impressive Stock Performance:

On October 11, the company’s stock price experienced a notable 3% surge during early trading hours. At 9:22 am, Industries’ share was trading at Rs 224.85, up by Rs 7.15, reflecting a 3.28% increase on the BSE. This boost in stock price is a direct response to the positive production and dispatch figures released by the company.

Quarterly Highlights:

For the quarter ending in September 2023, NCL Industries demonstrated substantial growth in its cement production, with a 9% increase, amounting to 6,59,300 metric tonnes. Cement dispatches also saw a healthy uptick, rising by 11% to reach 6,69,587 metric tonnes. The cement board production and dispatches experienced the same positive trend, increasing by 12% and 9% respectively.

Expansion Beyond Cement:

Industries isn’t just limited to cement-related products. Their Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) production and sales saw a remarkable 50% leap, totaling 66,263 metric tonnes. Additionally, the Doors Production & Sales division reported a 23% increase, reaching 5,212 metric tonnes. These significant growth figures indicate that NCL Industries is diversifying its offerings and successfully tapping into other construction material markets.

Half-Year Milestones:

or the first half of 2023, Industries recorded a remarkable 16% growth in Cement Production, reaching 1,409,821 metric tonnes. Cement Dispatches also saw a strong 17% increase, totaling 1,411,644 metric tonnes. The RMC Production & Sales division achieved a commendable 48% growth, totaling 137,239 metric tonnes, highlighting the company’s consistent expansion and commitment to meeting market demands.


NCL Industries’ impressive growth in production and sales across various product lines is clearly resonating with investors, as evidenced by the 3% surge in their share price. The company’s ability to diversify and expand its product offerings is positioning them as a formidable player in the construction materials industry. As NCL Industries continues to innovate and grow, investors and industry enthusiasts will be watching closely to see what the future holds for this dynamic company.

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