Jupiter Life Line Hospitals Share Price Today: Live Updates

Jupiter Life Line Hospitals Share Price: Investors and market enthusiasts have been keeping a close eye on Jupiter Life Line Hospitals’ stock performance. Let’s break down the recent price movements and key figures in a more reader-friendly and SEO-friendly manner.

Opening and Closing Prices:

On the last trading day, Jupiter Life Line Hospitals opened at ₹1125 and closed at ₹1123.4. These figures provide a snapshot of the stock’s performance for the day.

Intraday High and Low:

During the trading session, the stock reached a high of ₹1164 and a low of ₹1123.4. These price fluctuations give insights into the market’s volatility

Market Capitalization:

Jupiter Life Line Hospitals’ market capitalization stands at ₹7568.29 crore. This metric reflects the total value of the company’s outstanding shares in the market.

52-Week High and Low:

Over the past year, the stock’s price has ranged from a high of ₹1164 to a low of ₹960. These values provide a broader perspective on the stock’s performance.

Trading Volume:

The BSE recorded a trading volume of 4555 shares for Jupiter Life Line Hospitals on the last trading day. This indicates the number of shares that changed hands during the session.

Now, let’s dive into the latest updates:

Date: 09 Oct 2023, 09:53:44 AM IST

As of this moment, Jupiter Life Line Hospitals is trading at ₹1134.5 on the NSE, showing a decrease of -1.72% compared to yesterday’s closing price of ₹1154.3. This recent price drop is denoted by a percent change of -1.72% and a net change of -19.8, signifying a decrease of ₹19.8 in the stock’s value.

Date: 09 Oct 2023, 09:09:57 AM IST

In earlier trading today, Jupiter Life Line Hospitals’ stock price was ₹1154.3, reflecting a positive change of 2.75% from the previous day’s closing price of ₹1123.4. This increase is indicated by a percent change of 2.75 and a net change of 30.9.

Date: 09 Oct 2023, 08:08:39 AM IST

On the last trading day, Jupiter Life Line Hospitals closed at ₹1123.4. This figure provides a reference point for the stock’s recent performance.

Investors and traders should stay informed about these price movements and market indicators to make well-informed decisions regarding Jupiter Life Line Hospitals’ stock.

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