Goldman Sachs Invests ₹2,876 Crore in Adani Power: Stock Surges Over 3%

The stock market buzzed with excitement as the news of Goldman Sachs’ significant investment in Adani Power spread like wildfire. The US-based investment giant made a substantial move by purchasing an 8.10 per cent stake in this prominent Adani Group company. This sudden development caused Adani Power’s share price to surge over 3% within just a few minutes of the stock market’s opening bell.

1. Goldman Sachs Enters the Arena

Goldman Sachs GQG Partners International Opportunities Fund made headlines by acquiring a fresh stake in Adani Power Ltd. According to information available on Indian stock market exchanges, the US-based investor purchased a whopping 10,30,30,127 Adani Power shares, shelling out ₹279.15 apiece. Crunching the numbers, this investment translated to a staggering ₹28,76,08,59,952.05 or ₹2,876 crore in Adani Power.

2. Bullish Sentiments Ignite

The news of Goldman Sachs’ entry into Adani Power sparked a flurry of bullish sentiments on Dalal Street. The stock market responded with robust buying interest, propelling Adani Power’s share price to open on a high note. The stock continued its upward trajectory, reaching an intraday peak of ₹288.50 apiece levels on the NSE. This impressive surge marked a remarkable 3% intraday rise during the early morning dealings on that Thursday.

3. The Intricacies of the Bulk Deal

On August 16, 2023, Goldman Sachs GQG Partners International Opportunities Fund orchestrated a monumental bulk deal worth ₹2,876 crore. This single seller single buyer transaction underscored the scale of the investment and the strategic intent behind it. The handshake that occurred during this deal represented a significant step in the evolving relationship between Goldman Sachs and Adani Power.

4. A Day of Strategic Investments

The excitement didn’t end with Goldman Sachs’ investment alone. Another US-based player, GQG Partners Emerging Markets Equity Fund, also made a significant move on August 16, 2023. This investor purchased 4,90,30,009 Adani Power shares, each priced at ₹279.15. This translated to a substantial investment of ₹13,68,67,27,012.35 or approximately ₹1,368 crore in the Adani Group company. These synchronized investments from two prominent US-based investors underscored the attractiveness of Adani Power’s prospects.

5. A Day of Mixed Sentiments

While the bullish sentiment was palpable, the market also witnessed profit booking activities on August 16, 2023. Afro Asian Trade and Investments Ltd decided to offload a substantial chunk of Adani Power shares, selling 26,54,85,675 shares at ₹279.18 per share. This strategic move resulted in the institutional investor divesting Adani Power shares valued at ₹74,11,82,90,746.5 or approximately ₹7,412 crore.

6. Conclusion

In the world of stock market dynamics, Goldman Sachs’ strategic investment in Adani Power has sent ripples of optimism. The investment not only reflects the confidence of prominent investors but also underscores the potential that Adani Power holds. As the market continues to respond to these investments, the trajectory of Adani Power’s journey remains a topic of keen interest.


  1. Why did Goldman Sachs invest in Adani Power?
    • Goldman Sachs’ investment in Adani Power signifies its confidence in the company’s future growth prospects.
  2. How did the market respond to this investment?
    • The market reacted positively, with Adani Power’s share price surging over 3% after the news broke.
  3. Are there other investors showing interest in Adani Power?
    • Yes, GQG Partners Emerging Markets Equity Fund also invested significantly in Adani Power on the same day.
  4. Did Afro Asian Trade and Investments Ltd profit from the divestment?
    • Afro Asian Trade and Investments Ltd sold Adani Power shares for a substantial amount, showcasing a profitable move.
  5. What does this investment mean for Adani Power’s future?
    • The investments from reputed institutions highlight Adani Power’s potential for growth and stability in the market.

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