Recent Earthquake Shakes Delhi and Neighbouring Areas


Recent Earthquake Shakes Delhi and Neighbouring Areas: In recent news, tremors from a 3.1 magnitude earthquake shook Delhi and its surrounding regions. This seismic event, with its epicenter located just nine kilometers from Haryana’s Faridabad and approximately 10 kilometers below the Earth’s surface, caught many residents by surprise.

Earthquake Shakes Delhi
Earthquake Shakes Delhi

The Recent Earthquake

On a Sunday, a minor earthquake with a magnitude of 3.1 rattled the Delhi-NCR region. The epicenter was pinpointed just nine kilometers away from Faridabad, a city in Haryana, India. While this may not be considered a significant earthquake, it still left its mark with discernible tremors felt by residents.

Recent Seismic Activity

This earthquake comes on the heels of a larger 6.2 magnitude earthquake that rocked western Nepal, affecting several parts of North India, including Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. The quake in Nepal was the most powerful in a series of consecutive tremors to hit the region, causing concern and heightened awareness of seismic activity.

Seismic Activity in Afghanistan

Notably, on the same Sunday, Afghanistan experienced a powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake, striking approximately 34 kilometers outside the provincial capital of Herat. This event unfolded just over a week after devastating quakes and aftershocks resulted in significant casualties and the destruction of entire villages in the country.


Earthquake activity in this region is a stark reminder of the Earth’s ever-changing nature, where tectonic movements can lead to unexpected seismic events. While the recent earthquake in Delhi and its neighboring areas was relatively mild, it serves as a reminder to stay prepared for larger events in the future. Vigilance, early warning systems, and preparedness are crucial in minimizing the impact of such natural disasters.

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