Happy Birthday Sanjay Dutt: Know the black and white life of Sanjay Dutt, see his complete horoscope

Sanjay Dutt Ki Kundali: It is Sanjay Dutt’s birthday. Along with congratulating him on his birthday, let us know what the position of the planets present in Sanjay Dutt’s horoscope says behind the happenings in his life.

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If we look at Sanjay Dutt’s horoscope, he was born on 29 July 1959 at 2.45 pm in Mumbai. Sanjay Dutt’s life has reached here today after passing through the glare of the film world and the dark streets of drug addiction, imprisonment, incurable disease.

In the horoscope of his Scorpio Ascendant, both the lord of the ascendant and the lord of the tenth house are conjunct with the lords of inauspicious houses. Which shows ups and downs in health and career. Ashtamesh Mercury is sitting in the Bhagya Bhav as an enemy sign, which has been making him face the harsh reality of life. But Bhagyesh Moon is exalted and is sitting in the seventh house, so he emerges from adverse situations and then reaches the top.

Sanjay Dutt’s film career and his horoscope

Sanjay Dutt’s film career started in the year 1981 with the film Rocky, which is going on till today except for these two years 2015 and 2016. His first film was Rocky Hit. Superhit films like Khalnayak, Vaastav, Saajan, then Munnabhai MBBS, Agneepath gave a boost to his film career.

Rahu sitting in benefic house has helped Sanjay Dutt a lot in making a film career, and this Rahu is sitting in the sign of Mercury, Mercury is a clown who plays different characters. Rahu is a dreaded, criminal, thug who shot to fame through this kind of role. Later, in the dasha of Jupiter, his film journey and career changed a bit and he also emerged as an excellent comedian.

The dark corner of Sanjay Dutt’s life

As Sanjay Dutt has once told that he started smoking cigars from ninth grade and by the time he reached the age of 17 to 18, he became addicted to drugs. According to astrology, the second house is of food and drink. Retrograde Saturn sitting there in his horoscope shows wrong habits. Because of which they moved towards addictions.

As he himself said that he had many love-affairs, this was due to the combination of exalted Moon in the seventh house and Venus-Mars conjunction in the tenth house in his horoscope.

Impact of Bandhan Yoga and Arishta Yoga on the life of Sanjay Dutt

According to the famous book “Jatakatatvam”, if there are malefic planets in the second house, fifth house and ninth house of the horoscope, then the person has to suffer in prison. In the horoscope of Sanjay Dutt, retrograde Saturn in the second house, Ketu in the fifth house and Sun sitting in the ninth house are forming this yoga.

He was arrested under TADA Act in Mumbai on 19-4-1993. Since then, this matter of coming and going inside the jail continued till 2016. When he was arrested, he was walking in Rahu in the sub-period of Venus. Rahu is the best in giving imprisonment and this Rahu is sitting in the eighth house of Navansh, which is also aspected by Sun, the lord of the twelfth house (imprisonment) of Navansh. Venus, being the lord of the twelfth house of imprisonment in Janmang, is conjunct with Sun in Navamsha, the twelfth house of Navansh.

Planetary Yoga in Sanjay Dutt’s health and horoscope

According to astrology, if the ascendant lord and the twelfth lord are related in any way, then Arishta yoga is formed which is physically painful. In his horoscope, ascendant Mars and twelfth lord Venus are in conjunction, due to which he had to face a painful disease like cancer. But the vision of Bhagyesh Chandra from above saved him like every time. When cancer occurred, there was a difference between Ketu and Saturn, two inauspicious planets.

Shani is the first degree Maraka and Ketu is sitting in the ascendant of Trishansh Kundli in the “sign of disease Virgo, which shows the intensity of pain, which can be understood from the words of Sanjay Dutt “I like to die but not cure” .

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